Bag It Upppp!

After experiencing jewelry that would only last for days. We decided to create Jewlery made with only high-quality materials to last our customers YEARS!

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Connect 2 ring
  • I absolutely love Bag It Upppp jewelry! Every since I bought a few pieces for the first time I’ve been addicted to buying more and more lol. The gold is so vibrant and pretty! I compare to my other jewelry and it really sticks out. I’ve worn this jewelry in the shower and I have no signs of fading nor rusting. The quality is amazing it doesn’t feel cheap AT ALL. I feel like I can’t go back to other quick jewelry vendors that I used to. I’m only getting my jewelry from Bag It Uppp at this point lol

  • These bangles and necklaces from Bagitup are all that I wear! I have had them for over a year now and they have not changed in color at all. I wear them in the shower, on long flights, and they never tangle. They do not break either, even when I am rough. This jewelry is great quality and not to mention extremely creative and stylish!

  • Bagituppp jewelry is a must have, the quality of the product is outstanding, the shine is clean and vibrant, the gold looks and feel authentic and will last a very long time, I bought my chain and bracelet from bagituppp about a year ago and I wear it everyday, I work, workout, party, and shower with the chain on and it still looks brand new. The product is 5 stars, 10/10, at an amazing price. The owner is very professional and passionate about her product and it shows in the quality of her inventory… I 100% support and recommend bagituppp!

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